Major research interests in our group lie in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and fluid mesurements to understand and predict the complicated fluid system, such as aerodynamic problems of space transportation systems. Our main research activities may be classified into the following three categories:

   (1)Computational fluid dynamics
   (2)Fluid mesurements
   (3)Contribution to the projects of ISAS/JAXA
  Computational fluid dynamics
 The CFD technology has been rapidly developed in last thirty years, and it has been applied for the various engineering problems. Our main research interest of CFD application is aerodynamic problem of the space transportation systems. The objectives in the studies are the clalification of the flow structures and to provide the useful information for the improvements of aerodynamic performance and so on.

While, we're also comprehensively working on the studies for the improvements of the CFD technology, such as high-resolution schemes for aeroacoustics problem and the LES/RANS hybrid method for the massive separated flows. The right figure shows the computed flowfield over thin-airfoil at stall condition by using hybrid method.

  Futhermore, our reseach area is expanding to cover the multidisciplinary problems and the optimization problems. Numerical analysis tools have been established and applied to many engineering problems, for example wing-flutter problem and optimization of the flight path of TSTO space vehicle.
薄翼失速流れのLES/RANS hybrid解析
  Fluid mesurements
 We also are conducting an experiment to establish measurement system using PSP and investigate fluid dynamic phenomena by PSP. The use of PSP makes it possible to visualize pressure distribution on total surface of model. While combine an oil flow and a schlieren photo, the PSP becomes useful tool for fluid dynamic problem around model. The right figure shows surface pressure distribution on Euler model, and indicates vortex and shock wave.

  Contribution to the projects of ISAS/JAXA
 There are various scientific projects in ISAS/JAXA, our group contributes to the these projects in terms of aeroadynamic analysis.

Study on rolling moment characteristics of M-V rocket (right figure)
CFD analysis of the pressure variation inside the nose-faring of M-V rocket in ascent
・ CFD analysis of the flow structure in the nozzle of SRB(Solid Rocket Booster) with the throat scar

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