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イメージ画像 Multiobjective design exploration is a groundbreaking design support framework originated from Japan.
It extracts knowledge useful for design work by applying data mining techniques such as self-organizing maps and proper orthogonal decomposition to database of Pareto-optimal solutions of multiobjective design problems obtained in multiobjective design optimization.

We will develop new multiobjective design exploration technology that can be used for large-scale multiobjective design optimization problems of four or more objective functions as frequently faced in actual product-design processes. Then we will demonstrate the effectiveness of this technology through joint research with research institutions and companies. In this way, we aim industrial innovation (revolution in monozukuri) in Japan in the 2020s, when the “K computer” class computer resources become available to the industries.


A Fast HyperVolume calculation algorithm (FHV) is now released. Please download from here.
*Please refer to the following paper when you publish results of investigations using the FHV.
Takeshi Watanabe, Tomoaki Tatsukawa, and Akira Oyama, On the fast hypervolume calculation method, Proceedings of 2015 IEEE congress on evolutionary computation, pp. 965-969, 25th-28th May, 2015, Sendai, Japan.
Uploaded animation to YouTube jaxa channel.
"Aeroacoustic multiobjective design exploration of rocket launch site design"

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