Active Fluid Control Using Synthetic Jet

  researcher:Kouichi Okada

CFD analysis of the pressure variation inside the nose-faring of M-V rocket in ascent

  researcher:Ayako Yamamoto
  PSP Measurements in the Large-Scale Transonic Wind Tunnel and Associated Image Data Processing
  researcher:Hirofumi Ouch
  Numerical Analysis of Underexpanded Jet Impinging on an Inclined Flat Plate
  researcher:Motoo Tsukada
  Computational Aero Acoustics using High
Order Schemes
  researcher:Taku Nonomura
  Research of the flow mechanism over delta wing at various flow conditions
  researcher:Yuri Ishikawa
  Numerical Analysis of Aerodynamic Chracteristics of SSTO configurations with Aerospike Nozzle
  researcher:Harumi Tsukada
  Numerical approach for flapping wing
  researcher:Yoshiyuki Okabe
  Numerical simulation of flow control using electromagnetic force
  researcher:Yoshiteru Tanaka
  Numerical Analysis of Reactive Flows in Rocket Nozzle
  researcher:Hiroyuki Jotaki
  Visualization of the flow using PSP and TSP
  researcher:Masato Ito
  Exploration of dipole sound source using PSP
  researcher:Kenji Morita

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