CFD Analysis on Supersonic Combustion :Combustion and Exhaust Flow for Rocket and Reusable Space Transportation Vehicle

  researcher:Nobuyuki Tsuboi
  Two- and Three-Dimensional Numerical Simulation on Hydrogen/Air Detonation with a Detailed Chemical Reaction Model
  researcher:Nobuyuki Tsuboi
  Interaction between a Shock Wave and a Boundary Layer in a Nonequilibrium Hypersonic Rarefied Flow
  researcher:Nobuyuki Tsuboi
  Application of Design Optimization Methods to Aerospace Transportation
  researcher:Akira Oyama
  Transonic wing flutter simulations using the fluid/structure coupling method
  researcher:Hiroshi Terashima
  researcher:Kouichirou Moriya
  An effect of wakes created from objects on the aerodynamic force of other object
  researcher:Nobuyuki Iizuka
  Improvement of Reliability of Separated Flow Simulations with LES/RANS Hybrid Methodology and its Application to Space Transportation Problem
researcher:Soshi Kawai
  Development of High-Fidelity Multidisciplinary Optimization Method of TSTO Spaceplane
  researcher:Koji Shimoyama
  Aerodynamic Shape Optimization via Viscos Cartesian Grid Method for Component-Based Geometry
  researcher:Keiichirou Fujimoto

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