Introduction of facilities of High-speed aer dyanamics laboratory.
For Facilities of ISAS

The professor's Room(1812)


Secretary Room(1813)


These figures show personal desks.Mainly, students and Research Associate use Room 1815 and Room 1816.


A wind tunnel is mounted in this room.

Super Computer
Our labratory have SX-6 of NEC product.

Wind Tunnel Facilities
Compact Supersonic wind tunnel is sction type.
This is used as multi purposes.

Facilities of ISAS

Super Computer
Super computer of ISAS is used in numerical simulation.
The model name is NEC SX-6 128M16. This computer was introduced in 2004. NEC SX-6 128M16 system is parallel vetor computer. 1 node have 8 CPU and 64GByte HDD, this node is common memory type. Total system consists of 16 nodes, 128 CPU and 1TByte HDD. The theoritical calculation performance of 1 CPU is 9Gflops. The total theoritical calculation performance is 1152Gflops.

Wind Tunnel Facilitie of ISAS
There are large transonic and supersonic wind tunnel in ISAS.

  • Transonic Wind Tunnel(operation mach number is 0.3〜1.3)
  • Supersonic Wind Tunnel(operation mach number is 1.5〜4.0)
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